Our top tips to make your foundation look like a second skin

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The Calla Lane Foundation Application Pro Tips

Let's be honest, when we are wearing foundation, we'd prefer people to say 'Oh my goodness, your skin looks amazing!' not, 'Your foundation looks great'. While finding the perfect foundation is crucial (something we've written about extensively on the Calla Lane blog), once you have it, making like Houdini and ensuring it vanishes into your complexion is just as important. Here are our top tips for how to achieve that gorgeous, second-skin finish. 

Tip #1 - Create a glowing canvas

Clean and moisturised skin is a no-brainer when it comes to achieving the perfect foundation application. To really supercharge your glow, you can consider a hydrating mask formulated specifically for your skin type and following it up by gently massaging your moisturizer into your skin to boost circulation and reduce puffiness.

Tip #2 - Prime (as needed)

We've written about adding primer to your makeup routine on the Calla Lane blog previously. To prime or not to prime is a matter of personal preference, however if a primer that works with your skin concerns is applied correctly, it can enhance the appearance and staying power of your foundation. Read more about our thoughts on primer here

Tip #3 - Apply from the centre and move outward

Only apply foundation where it’s really necessary. Start in the center of the face, on the apples of the cheeks, and slowly blend out. Another key part of the face is the area around the mouth, which is prone to yellow undertones and shadows. To ensure that you achieve as natural a look as possible, consider skipping applying foundation to parts of the face such as the bridge of the nose (letting freckles show through for those who have them) and the corners of the nostrils, so your foundation doesn’t cling to dry patches.

Tip #4 - Don't paint, buff

No matter what tool you’re using—a foundation brush, a makeup sponge or your fingers, buff (or bounce, if you’re using a sponge) the foundation into your skin as opposed to “painting” it on to build coverage smoothly and avoid streakiness. 

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Tip #5 - Set it

Most people associate powder with a matte, cakey look, but dusting a silky loose setting powder over your foundation will ensure it won’t budge without dulling its finish. Dip a large, fluffy powder brush into the powder, then tap or shake your brush once to remove any excess (you should be able to see the bristles through the powder). Gently swirl the powder over just the areas that tend to get extra shiny and oily, like your T-zone.

And you're done! Don't worry if your face looks a bit flat and dimensionless at this point....that's the goal of foundation: to even everything out. Now that your base is properly set, you can move on to the other fun stuff....bronzing, blush, contouring and highlighting (topics we'll be blogging about over the coming weeks) and watch your whole look come together!

Have fun lovelies and remember to get in touch with any comments or questions on foundation application. 

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