Adjust Your Foundation From Season To Season

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Our top tips on how to rock your favourite matter the season

We've written extensively on finding the perfect foundation for you on our blog. It really can be quite a journey! Once you've found the foundation formula that suits your specific skin type and concerns, you may have a tendency to want to hold onto it for dear life.

The tricky thing is that realistically, your foundation may not work for your skin year-round. Between summer tans, vitamin D shortages during the winter months and swings in levels of humidity, your skin tone and needs can jump around depending on the season. 

We've got a few tips on how to switch up your makeup routine ever so slightly so that you don't have to swop out your foundation from season to season. If you'd like to learn how to stick with your favorite formula all year round, read on!

1. Lightening: Mix in a little moisturiser

Mixing in a bit of moisturiser is a great way to lighten the pigment of your foundation. It sheers out the formula allowing your true skin tone to shine through and adds a dewy finish....perfect for when your skin is looking slightly dry and dull (we see you winter months.) In fact, mixing in moisturizer with your foundation is the perfect way to combine important skincare ingredients into your everyday makeup regimen.

During the summer it's great to mix in something with SPF, and for winter, adding some extra moisturizer can really help to keep dry skin hydrated. 

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2. Darkening: Bring on the bronzer

The simplest way to adjust your foundation for summer is by applying bronzer in a hue that compliments your summer skin. It sounds straightforward enough, but remember, it's important to not get too overzealous with the bronzer. Apply bronzer strategically to where the sun typically hits like the cheeks, nose and chin (as opposed to all over your face). 

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3. Lightening: Try applying your foundation differently

If you are not convinced that adding some moisturiser to your foundation is for you because of the finish, coverage or because it makes your foundation prone to moving around too much, you can consider applying your foundation differently. You could try using a duo fibre brush (a super versatile makeup brush that has two different fiber bristles perfect for applying cream or liquid foundations) or a damp beauty sponge to thin it out, instead of mixing more things in.

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4. Darkening: Shade mixing

Another tip to darkening your foundation would be to mix in little of a darker shade of the same foundation. Simply buy a shade closest to your skin tone at its lightest when you find a foundation you love and then mix in a little bit of the same foundation one or two shades up when you are a little more sun kissed. You're able to have flexibility when mixing the two, so you can match your skin year-round.

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5. Lightening:  A pinch of primer

If you find that mixing moisturiser in your foundation dilutes it too much, why not try using a hydrating primer. Just a drop will sheer out your foundation while also allowing your makeup to set and last longer. 

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