What Clean Means To Us

We offer the Calla Lane promise which says:

All the products that are offered through our store are clean and are not tested on animals.

Furthermore, we allow for clean makeup enthusiasts to easily find products that fit their value systems. We know that you, and only you, can decide what your values are. Pro-choice is a mantra of ours!

Whether you are looking for 100% natural makeup, vegan makeup or if you want to support companies that manufacture their products in South Africa, you'll easily find products that fit your value system. 

But what do we mean when we use these terms?

There is no standardization or definition of what "clean” makeup means. Words like “clean”, "green", "natural" and "organic" all get conflated by brands, consumers and beauty insiders. At Calla Lane, transparency is paramount, so right up front we want to come clean and let you know what we mean by the various terms. 

What we mean when we say “Clean makeup”: 

Makeup that is free from any known or suspected harmful ingredients. Ingredients could be derived from nature or they could be synthetic (i.e. man-made in a lab). We consider these makeup products to be safe for you and the planet.

What we mean when we say “Not tested on animals”:

At Calla Lane we have a happy, healthy respect for all creatures. Both the ingredients contained in the makeup and the finished products we feature are not tested on animals.

When we refer to “100% Natural makeup”:

Makeup that is made from ingredients that are derived from natural sources (i.e. they contain no synthetic ingredients).

When we reference “Vegan”, we’re saying:

That the product does not include any animal-derived ingredients, including ingredients such as beeswax, lanolin and carmine.

When we refer to “Made in South Africa” we mean:

That these clean makeup up products are manufactured in South Africa by South African companies, promoting social and economic change in our beautiful country.