Our Story

Hello lovely!

My name is Sara and I am the owner of Calla Lane Clean Beauty Bar.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved discovering and experiencing products that make me look and feel good. Taking a quiet moment to experience the texture, colour or fragrance of a beauty product brings me an immense amount of joy.

My relationship with beauty products, and the beauty and personal care industry, started to change when a life altering health issue made me more mindful about my wellness. And so, 15 years ago, my clean beauty journey began.

I found that swapping out my personal and skincare products for cleaner versions was possible but when it came to makeup up, there were very few options. The few that were available weren’t nearly as effective or as luxurious as their “conventional” counterparts. The products didn’t last as long, weren’t as easy to apply and weren’t as richly pigmented.

After 15 years of researching, studying and trialling clean makeup products, I’m happy to be able to say that this has changed. Thanks to technology, there’s no compromise to be made anymore. 

So, high-performing clean makeup products exist. Great! Still, there wasn’t one local destination where curious women like you and I could come together in seeking out beautiful makeup brands and products made by people who are driven by a respect for both humanity and the planet.

If I couldn’t find a place for us to come together, I would create one.

And so, Calla Lane was born.

The Calla Lane philosophy is simple:

To inspire clean, conscious beauty and authentic wellbeing from the inside out.

My gorgeous friend, if you’re reading this your curiosity around clean makeup is already piqued and you’re meant to be here. I’m so glad that you are - my hope is that this story will leave you feeling inspired and excited about being a part of the future of the industry, and about having more fun playing and expressing your unique-self with beautiful clean makeup. 

So welcome! I’m so excited to have you here and to be a part of your clean makeup journey. You deserve the very best of beauty and health!


P.S. You can download our full story here