Blush draping 101

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Blush Draping - a fresh, pretty take on applying blush

Blush draping is a technique that was made popular in the 70's and is making a comeback.

Essentially, it’s all about using blush as a way to sculpt and shape your face.

Blush placed right on the apples of the cheeks has the potential to make your face look rounder, whereas sweeping blush from the center of your cheeks to your temples can create a lifted illusion that complements your bone structure. 

You can use either powder or cream blush, just be sure to build your product slowly. The most important thing is to blend well. No harsh lines here.

You're good to leave it at that or you can choose two blush shades to create a beautiful gradient. Place one colour above the other and blend so there are no harsh lines. For the lifted cheek look, apply the lighter shade on the top. 

Here are our favorite blush products that you can use for draping:

Lula Fox Lip and Cheek Tints

Use a darker and lighter shade in combo (such as "Sienna" as the darker shade on the bottom and "Blush" as the lighter shade on top) or use one shade to easily swipe and blend for a gorgeous draped blush look. 

Inthusiasm Mineral Blush

For a powder blush option, try the highly pigmented Inthusiasm Mineral Blush and a blush brush to drape your blush and create a pretty, lifted effect. Again, you can use two shades, such as Natural Glow as the darker shade and either Desert Rose or Peach as the lighter shade, or just Desert Rose or Peach on their own. 

Hey Gorgeous Blush

For a palette blush option, we love the Hey Gorgeous powdered Blush Palettes. Available in 2 shades, Sunset and Rose, these make blush draping super easy by including beautifully graded blush shades all in one easy to use palette. You can also use the palette as eyeshadow, making it a versatile, multi taking addition to your makeup bag. 

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