To Prime or Not to Prime?

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Here is a question that you may be mulling over...."Should I be using a makeup primer, and if so which one?" 

To answer this question, let's take a look at what primer actually does and if it may be a product that you could use in your routine.

What does primer do?

The primary function of primer (see what I did there?) is to make your makeup look better. Simple as that. How you ask? By readying the skin for makeup, minimising the appearance of pores and fine lines and avoiding any flaking, fading, creasing or moving by giving your products a base to adhere to.

Primer can reduce the amount of makeup you use and make your makeup application easier as products glide on over the primer.

Primer often contains ingredients that have benefits you'd expect from skincare. So whether you're dealing with dullness, dry skin or breakouts primer can help with your skin concerns. 

Do you need to use makeup primer?

When it comes to makeup, you don't need anything. It's important that you use, or don't use, whatever makes you and your face happy. But if you have one of the following concerns, you would most likely benefit from trying a makeup primer:

  • you're someone who is conscious of visible pores or fine lines,
  • you end up with foundation/concealer that looks flaky or crease-y,
  • the colour of your makeup fades during the day or
  • you look like you haven't applied any makeup by the end of the day,  

What if you don't wear foundation or concealer, would primer work for you?

Primer doesn't only work over your face under foundation or concealer. Primer can be added to just those areas of your face where you will be wearing makeup such as on your lips or eyelids. 

What makeup primer should you use?

There are many different types of primers out there and it's important to pick the one that works for your skin type and skin concerns. At Calla Lane, like all our products we need our primers to be clean and not tested on animals. Additionally, we prefer them to be lightweight and bursting with ingredients that hydrate and smooth the skin. 

How would you use a primer?

Primer is meant to be applied after your moisturiser and before you apply your makeup. Often it is very concentrated so don't need very much. Apply to clean and moisturized skin with your fingertips, a sponge or a brush. Allow a few moments to set before applying your makeup. 

At Calla Lane, we offer two clean, lightweight primers that will help keep your makeup colour-true and keep it lasting all day whilst helping reduce the appearing of fine lines and pores. You can shop the primers here

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