What's the deal with clean makeup?

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Why We Believe Clean Makeup is the Future

If you're part of the Calla Lane community, you will know that we are beyond passionate about clean makeup. The question you may have though, is why exactly clean makeup has got us all excited about the future of makeup. Our founder, Sara, wrote about this when Calla Lane was launched, sentiments that we wanted to share again here with you, just in case you missed them. 

  • Clean makeup helps me to be more mindful and selective about what I’m putting on my body every day.
  • It forms a part of my daily self-care ritual.
  • Since clean makeup contains ingredients that are actually good for my skin, using clean makeup is an extension of my skincare routine.
  • Clean makeup avoids heavily processing ingredients, allowing the natural healing properties of the ingredients (enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants) to remain fully active.
  • Clean makeup supports and protects my skin’s microbiome, the barrier that protects me from environmental factors such as UV light and pollution.
  • Clean makeup is driving the industry forward through ground breaking innovation.
  • Clean makeup reduces the number of ingredients used in each product.
  • It streamlines my makeup routine through the use of multi-functionals, minimising waste and saving me time and money.
  • It addresses the needs of a growing number of makeup users with sensitive skin, in a world where sensitive skin is surpassing ageing skin as one of the biggest concerns of users. 
  • It makes makeup brands more transparent and accountable.
  • It sparks conversations around sustainability and climate change.
  • It is tackling the challenge of the makeup industry’s packaging problem head on.
  • It is pioneering the bespoke makeup industry through the use of technology.
  • It incorporates values such as inclusivity and equality, while encouraging wearers to love the skin they're in.

Our stance is: If there are makeup brands out there that are thinking critically about these things, and they make beautiful, effective, affordable products that help me to avoid questionable ingredients, why wouldn’t we be a part of the clean makeup movement?

We're so glad that you are here and that we are on this journey to a cleaner future together! To read more about our story, click here


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