Dr. Hauschka Powder Brush

Dr. Hauschka Powder Brush

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This brush is good for:

Creating an especially natural-looking, matte complexion by picking up powder easily and applying it evenly. 

Why we love it:

The large, slanted brush head made from soft synthetic hairs distributes powder evenly across the skin to create a natural-looking complexion with reduced shine.

How to use:

Sweep the brush around the container in a circular motion to pick up a little powder, tap it on the back of your hand to remove any excess, then apply to the face using downward strokes.

How to clean:

Wash brush hairs under warm water, creating a gentle lather with a little soap or brush cleaner. Rinse well. Finally, gently squeeze out the brush, carefully stroking back into shape. Place on a hand towel and leave to dry at room temperature.