Dr. Hauschka Foundation Brush

Dr. Hauschka Foundation Brush

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This brush is good for:

The even application of liquid foundation, with its very compact, flat, slanted brush head. Helping to create soft transitions around the ears, neck and hairline. 

Why we love it:

The flat, slanted brush with smooth gliding synthetic hairs optimally distributes liquid textures for an even complexion.

How to use:

Add a small amount of foundation to the brush and use downward strokes to apply from the forehead to the chin, and from the tip of the nose to the jawbone. Finally, blend the transition areas into the neck, ears and hairline. 

How to clean:

Wash brush hairs under warm water, creating a gentle lather with a little soap or brush cleaner. Rinse well. Finally, gently squeeze out the brush, carefully stroking back into shape. Place on a hand towel and leave to dry at room temperature.